The 5 Most Interesting Blockchain Fields of Application

What is happening these days, is that many teams are working to create new businesses on the Blockchain.

Ethereum has opened a new market for crypto-entrepreneur, an easier way to fundraising and a growing interest in this technology.

So, same as Electoral System (that we aim to disrupt with Boulé), there are some fields of application I believe are crucial for our society improvement.

There are some milestones to achieve to reach a Global Consciousness able to stop wars and spread prosperity equally in the world.

This is my personal random list of the most interesting field of application:

Sovereign Identity

A Universal Identity is the first relevant field of application for Blockchain that has the potential to change the world: think about migratory flux, Surveillance and Security, Bureaucracy cost reduction, Worldwide citizenship.

How much are we having benefits from borderless Society?
Freedom to move all around the world is a benefit that “Occidental Countries” see as the normal, but is a status quo that someone has gained for our entire pleasure.

There are several countries where citizens are not allowed to move freely as we do.

These are two of my favourite projects related to sovereign identity:

uPort –

Tykn –

Medical and Genome Research

For research purposes, it would be amazing to have a bank of the genome and medical information.

People can store on the blockchain their personal health data, like blood information, DNA, saliva, exams,… not only there is an immediate benefit in the data information to give to specialists for analysis, but also for the pharma researcher.

A huge, anonymous database with the data from people of different regions, habits, race, origin and so on.

Implications could be significant to research the solution for global life-threatening diseases.

Have a look at Bowhead Health –


Charity funding is a grey zone for many non-profit organisations. Backers seldom have an idea how their money is spent.

Transparency is really important for organisations that aim to bridge the gap between us and poorer country in the world.

If you want to trace money you are sending to on ONG you can join Helperbit –

Provenance and Supply chain certification

What do we eat? How did they produce this T-shirt? Where does this product come from?

All around the world is increasing the research for information about the supply chain.

Globalisation has come before than global information. So we have benefited from global food, global clothes and global products before to start asking where they come from and how they are produced.

A new knowledge feeling has risen up, and there are several companies that are collecting on the blockchain supply chain information.

Have a look at the great job of:

Everledger –

Ascribe –

Provenance –

Voting System

The last one is the field we are disrupting. There is a huge gap between Electors and Elected.

We are seeing it in the last elections where voters turnout has dramatically decreased.

The Breaking point has happened in countries like Turkey or Venezuela, where citizens have revolt again the central government without any significative enhancement.

In order to empower again citizens, we need to give a new power to the voting system that has to be free, reliable and able to drive the enhancements necessary to the common wellness.

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